Non-Medical Disability Criteria

When deciding whether to accept a Social Security Disability claim, there are a number of factors which are considered. Many of these are medical criteria, which is provided by your doctor, or by a health care professional appointed by the Social Security Administration (or both).

Non-medical means any criteria that is not related to the medical portion of you application. You will need to meet the non-medical criteria, showing you are eligible for disability benefits.

There are several non-medical disability criteria as well, which are generally provided by you and your employers, and is verified by the Social Security Disability field office.

What Is Non-Medical Disability Criteria?

Non-medical disability criteria are any criteria which are not tied to your medical or mental health conditions and the relevant reports. These include proof of age, Social Security Disability Insurance coverage information, employment records, and marital status.

Your proof of age is important when determining Social Security Disability benefits because your age determines how long you needed to spend working before you were disabled in order to be covered by Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Generally, a copy of your birth certificate can be used as proof of age. The SSA personnel can also obtain this information from your Numident file (the SSA’s computer database of all Social Security card holders).

Non-medical disability criteria is material that is not tied to your medical condition.

Social Security Disability Insurance coverage information

The Social Security Disability Insurance coverage information is the most important non-medical disability criteria for most Social Security Disability claimants. This includes information regarding where you have been employed, for how long, and how much you have paid in FICA premiums. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) eligibility and the amount of benefits payable are based on how much you have worked the ten years prior to your Social Security Disability claim.

Other Non-Medical Disability Criteria The The SSA Needs

The SSA will also verify your employment information, including employment history, earnings, and other non-medical disability criteria. One of the things they will look at is what kinds of work you have performed in the past. This helps them determine whether you are capable of engaging in any kind of work which you have done before; a primary qualification for Social Security Disability.

The other non-medical disability criteria which the SSA will want to verify is your marital status. While marital status alone will have no effect on whether or not you are deemed disabled, your spouse’s income is an important non-medical disability criteria when determining what kinds of Social Security Disability benefits you are entitled to.

Talk to a Social Security Attorney

It can be a long and sometimes confusing process to apply for Social Security benefits. For that reason, it is recommended to consider seeking the counsel of a Social Security attorney.