What Forms Should My Doctor Fill Out For Social Security Disability Benefits?

When applying for disability benefits, your Social Security doctor may need to fill out some Social Security forms. These forms include a residual functional capacity form, medical evaluation report, and more. The forms that need to be completed will depend whether your disability appears in the Blue Book lists.

What Forms Will My Doctor Need To Fill Out?

When filing an application for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration (SSA) evidence is required indicating that you have not worked for at least 12-months. You may ask your doctor to complete a medical statement showing exactly the diagnosis of your medical condition.

The doctor should describe the limitations due to your disability. It could be anything from loss of hearing to inability to stand in one place for a sustained period of time. Simply stating that you are disabled will not satisfy the Social Security Administration (SSA) requirements.

The next form your social security disability doctor may complete is the Residual Function Capacity (RFC) form. Your disability doctor will ask you to carry out certain exercises before completing the information on the form such as:

  • how long you can stand, walk, and sit in an 8-hour workday;
  • the amount of weight you are able to lift and carry during a work day;
  • using your hands to reach, grasp, or finger items;
  • your ability to bend, stoop, and climb stairs;
  • your ability to interact with the public and work colleagues;
  • how long you can concentrate on work tasks and follow directions.

When your disability doctor provides the limitations of your RFC, s/he should explain how these have been calculated. For example, if you are unable to stoop or crouch due to a herniated disc, your doctor should describe why this is taking place.

Getting a Doctor to Help

Some tips for getting a doctor to fill out the forms include:

  • making an appointment,
  • asking only the social security disability doctor to fill out the disability forms;
  • getting help from a disability lawyer.

What Else Should I Submit With My Doctor’s Forms?

Apart from completing the Social Security forms, evidence should accompany them when the disability application is filed. This can include:

  • medical evidence provided by your disability doctor;
  • results of medical tests conducted such as x-rays, MRIs and blood tests.
  • W2 form;
  • tax returns.

Get Help Today

If you are having trouble getting a doctor to complete your forms, a lawyer may be able to help you. The disability lawyer can be present when you ask your doctor to complete the disability forms requested by the SSA.

Fill out the Free Case Evaluation form to get in touch with a lawyer today.

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