How Caregivers Can Help Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits Because of Prostate Cancer

If you are the caregiver for a loved one who has prostate cancer and is unable to work, you may be able to help them apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Late stage, terminal, and metastatic prostate cancer will automatically meet the medical criteria required to be approved for disability benefits.

If prostate cancer is responsive to treatment and diagnosed early, the individual may not qualify for disability benefits. The claims process can be complicated and time-consuming, so be sure to gather as much supporting documentation as possible.

How Your Loved One Can Medically Qualify for Benefits With Prostate Cancer

There are two disability programs that the Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees. These programs have very strict medical criteria that must be met. A medical guide, which is called the Blue Book, is used by Disability Determination Services to determine if the criteria have been met and the claimant qualifies for disability benefits.

There are nearly 2 million prostate cancer survivors in the U.S., and every year about 220,000 more cases are diagnosed. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of men’s cancer-related deaths, but it is also one of the most curable and treatable kinds of cancer.

If the cancer has recurred after initial treatment, or if it was advanced when diagnosed, the claimant may qualify for disability benefits. You will need to show the individual’s cancer symptoms, treatments and complications severely disrupt their ability to function normally and leave them unable to work.

The medical guide, which is called the Blue Book, has a prostate cancer listing. To qualify using the listing, you must provide medical records that show the disease has returned or progressed despite having undergone initial treatment, the cancer has spread to internal organs, or that it is an oat cell or small-cell carcinoma. If the prostate cancer has metastasized or recurred, the application will be flagged for expedited review and approval through the Compassionate Allowances Program (CAP).

How Caregivers Can Help Apply For Social Security Disability Benefits Because of Prostate Cancer

Becoming a Designated Payee For Someone With Prostate Cancer

As the caregiver of a disabled individual with prostate cancer, you may be asked to serve as their designated payee. Since all Social Security benefits are only paid electronically, you will need to have access to the claimant’s bank account. The SSA can have an inquiry into a case with a designated payee, so keep all receipts to show that the funds were used for the claimant and their basic needs, such as rent, groceries, utilities, and medical expenses.

How To Get Your Loved One’s Disability Application Underway

If you are going to help someone apply for disability benefits, remember that hard medical evidence is a necessity. Prepare a list of their medical providers and make sure that current contact details are included. The application can either be filed online, over the phone at 1-800-772-1213, or in person at a local field office.

Be sure to have detailed medical documentation to support the case so the claim can be approved. Complete the Free Case Evaluation to get connected with a lawyer that may be able to help with your loved one’s application.

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