4 Common Questions About Social Security Disability Benefits

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Before filing an application for disability benefits it is useful to know some answers to a few common questions.

This will help you understand which type of disability benefit you are entitled to receive and how much you will gain once your disability benefit claim is finally approved. This article tells you everything you need to know about disability benefits.

What’s the Difference Between SSDI and SSI?

Depending on your previous work situation there are two types of disability benefits available. These are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Your eligibility for SSDI is dependent on how old you are and how much you have paid in Social Security taxes to get work credits up to the time you became disabled.

A younger worker may still qualify with fewer credits, but usually a worker needs to have accumulated 40 credits to qualify. 20 of those credits should be earned within the last 10 years before the disability developed.

There is a five month waiting period for SSDI, which means that payments won’t start before the 6th complete month of disability.

SSI doesn’t require any prior payments and is based on the assets you own and the income you earn. It is paid out of federal taxes.

Anyone over 65 years is eligible for SSI and people under that age who are disabled or blind. When a calculation is made for SSI, a single applicant should not have any more than $2,000 in cash assets while a couple may have $3,000.

The home you own and live in is not included in the asset test.

Eligibility for either of the benefit types has two things in common. One is having a severe medical condition or being over 65 years while the second is not being able to earn a living for at least 12 months due to the medical condition. Evidence is required to prove eligibility for both benefits.

How Long Will It Take for Me to Apply for Social Security Disability?

It can take up to three to six months to get an initial answer from the SSA. If your application is denied you have the right to appeal for both SSI and SSDI benefits. Once you have received the denial letter you are given 60 days to lodge the appeal.

How Much in Benefits Will I Get?

Your SSDI payment depends on your average lifetime earnings, but the maximum in 2022 that you are entitled to receive is $3,345 per month. The monthly maximum SSI amounts for 2022 are $841 for an eligible individual, $1,261 for an eligible individual with an eligible spouse, and $421 for an essential person.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Disability Benefits?

Social Security Disability benefits can be subject to taxes, but only under certain circumstances. If you have other sources of household income, your spouse’s wage for instance, then you could have to pay some taxes. However, SSI benefits are not taxed.

Free Case Evaluation

It is never easy to win either SSDI or SSI and just making one mistake in your application could result in you waiting years for approval. Work with a lawyer as this will help you get your disability benefits entitlement. Fill out our free evaluation form today.

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