How an Attorney Can Help Appeal Your Claim in Wyoming

If health problems have left you unable to work, you might be eligible to receive disability benefits that are administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). This process can be challenging, as it requires extensive documentation and detailed records that support your claim.

If your claim has been denied in Wyoming, you can improve your chances of claims approval with the help of a Social Security Disability lawyer. With the right guidance, you can get access to the benefits that you need.

Why are Social Security Disability Claims Denied in Wyoming?

There are many reasons that disability claims are denied, but some reasons are more common than others. These reasons can be avoided if you know what steps to take to get your claim on the right track. Here are some common causes for claims being denied.

Evidence – You must be able to provide Disability Determination Services (DDS) with hard evidence. Hard evidence is more than a confirmed diagnosis. It includes documentation of your restrictions and limitations as well as how your ability to work has been affected by your condition. Physician notes often contain these details.

Failing to Appeal – If your claim has been denied, you will receive notification as to why it was denied and how you can appeal that decision. You should correct the issues, provide the additional information, then file an appeal before the deadline. Many people just refile a new claim, which in turn, is denied like the first claim because it does not have any additional information.

Continuing to Work – While many claimants continue working part-time in order to pay living expenses, a big mistake is working enough to earn more than the limit for substantial gainful activity (SGA). Each year the SSA sets limits for both blind and non-blind individuals. For 2020, it is $1,260 for a non-blind individual and $2,110 for someone who is blind. If your income exceeds that, your claim will be denied.

Lack of Continuing Medical Care – If you don’t continue with your medical treatment, your claim cannot be assessed accurately. DDS needs to know if your condition stayed the same, worsened, or improved. Without knowing this, the SSA cannot accurately determine if you are disabled. Always continue with follow-up care.

Failing to Cooperate – Sometimes the SSA might need more information. If they request you to send further documentation or complete additional paperwork, you need to do this by the deadline. Failure to do so can result in your claim being denied. If you don’t understand what they are asking for, then you should contact DDS and ask them.

How an Attorney Can Help Appeal Your Claim in Wyoming

Where are the ODARs in Wyoming?

If your claim has been denied twice, you will request a hearing before an administrative law judge. The judge will go over all your evidence, ask you some questions, and then have a vocational expert assess your ability to work. It can take several months for a hearing to be scheduled.

You will want to have a disability attorney in Wyoming represent you at this hearing. Claimants from Wyoming will go the satellite office of the Denver ODAR office. This ODAR serves the SSA offices located in Sheridan, Cody, Rock Springs, Sheridan, and Cheyenne.

Denver ODAR
1244 Speer Boulevard
Denver, CO 80204

A disability attorney in Wyoming will help you prepare for questioning and will make sure your file is ready for the judge to review at the hearing. A lawyer can significantly improve your chances of a claim being successful on the hearing level.

How A Social Security Attorney in Wyoming Can Help You With Your Claim Denial

If you have had a disability claim denied in Wyoming, help is available. With the assistance of a Social Security attorney in Wyoming, you can get your claim on a successful path.

Disability lawyers work on a contingency basis, so you have nothing to lose. Your lawyer will not be paid until your claim is approved. A lawyer will file appeals, request hearings and represent you before the judge. Complete the Free Case Evaluation Form on this page to have your case reviewed by an attorney near you. Get your claim on the right track today.

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