How Caregivers Can Help Apply For Disability Because Of COPD

If you are the caregiver of a friend or family member who is unable to work because of COPD, you may want to help them by completing their disability application so you can apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) can lead to the inability to perform routine tasks, let alone keep an individual from working. With hard medical evidence that proves the condition is severe and that the individual is unable to work and earn a living, he or she may be approved for monthly disability benefits to help offset their expenses.

How Your Loved One Can Medically Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

Disability Determination Services reviews the claim for the Social Security Administration (SSA). They will go over the medical criteria, which are specified in the applicable Blue Book listing, to determine if the claimant is able to work. If the criteria are met, the individual’s disability claim will be approved. COPD, also called emphysema or chronic bronchitis, is evaluated using the listing for chronic pulmonary insufficiency.

To be approved, the claimant must be able to provide documentation showing that he or she was diagnosed with COPD. A lung functioning test must be performed, and it must show very limited airflow. Disability Determination Services will want to see results from one of these tests:

  • Spirometry tests documenting the forced expiratory volume in one second
  • A DCLO test measuring the amount of oxygen passing into the blood
  • An ABG test that measures the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood
  • An oxygen saturation test

The test results must show that the claimant has very limited functioning because of the severity of the COPD. This will help show how the airflow affects the individual’s ability to function and work.

Becoming a Designated Payee

There are times when a disabled person will need a designated payee to handle their disability funds. Since the SSA only disperses funds electronically, you will need to be able to access the bank account of the claimant. These funds can be used for rent, mortgage payments, utilities, for groceries, and medical expenses, among other living expenses. Keep receipts so you can show that the benefits were used for the claimant’ benefits.

How Caregivers Can Help Apply For Disability Because Of COPD

How To Get Your Loved One’s Disability Application Underway

If you are the caregiver of someone with COPD, you can help them have a successful disability claim by ensuring all their medical files are easily accessible. Make a detailed list of their medical providers with their contact details. Documentation is a necessity for a successful disability claim for someone with COPD. Be sure there are test results that are current, so it can show the limited abilities of the lungs and how respiratory issues affect the ability to function.

A Social Security disability attorney can assist you in the process of gathering the various medical documents and evidence needed to support your patient or loved one’s claim. To have a lawyer look over the details of your loved ones claim, complete the Free Case Evaluation on this page today!

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