Social Security COLA 2022

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Will Social Security recipients get a raise in 2022? The answer is a resounding yes.

Every year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) makes a cost of living adjustment (COLA) for Americans that qualify to receive benefits. If you are wondering about Social Security COLA 2022, you can expect a much-needed increase in financial assistance. The SSA is increasing benefits by a whopping 5.9%, which represents the largest boost in Social Security and Supplemental Income (SSI) benefits in nearly 40 years.

Will You Receive an Increase in Social Security Benefits in 2022?

The Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures increases in the cost of living. When prices for commodities such as fuel and food rise, the CPI raises the cost of living index to account for the higher prices. In June of 2021, the average Social Security check stood at $1,555, A bump of 5.9% increases the payment to $1,647 a month.

Increasing COLA for 2022 cannot come soon enough for millions of Americans that have struggled financially during the pandemic. The 1.3% increase in the COLA for 2021 paled in comparison to the unexpected jump in consumer prices at 5.4%. Cost of living adjustments made by the CPI relies heavily on gas prices, which for 2021 rose at the fastest rate seen in the United States in more than 10 years.

With inflation expected to continue rising beyond 2022, the Social Security COLA increase for 2022 might fall below what COLA turns out to be in 2023.
Here is a comparison between the average benefits Americans received in 2021 and what Americans should receive in benefits at the 5.9% COLA rate during 2022.

Category of Beneficiary
2021 Amount ($/month)
2022 Amount ($/month)
After 5.9% Increase

Non-Blind Disabled Workers



Blind Disabled Workers



SSI Individual



SSI Couple



All Retired Workers



Age Couple, Both Receiving Benefits



Widowed Mother and Two Children



Aged Widow(er) Alone



Disabled Worker, Spouse and One or More Children



All Disabled Workers



What Does This Mean for Your Benefits?

If you receive Social Security or SSI benefits, you do not need to do anything to get the COLA increase. The SSA will automatically add the COLA increase to your checks starting in January 2022. In December of 2021, the SSA will upload the COLA notices online via the SSA website’s Message Center for every SSI and Social Security account.

If you become eligible for SSI or Social Security benefits in 2022, you simply follow the application process established by the SSA to start receiving financial benefits.

Americans that receive SSI or Social Security benefits in 2022 should remember the COLA increase might not be sufficient to cover the costs of other expenses. This is especially true for rapidly rising healthcare costs.

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